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"We are extremely pleased with the results.  The quality of the work is 1st rate and the cost was reasonable.  Ms. Jacobson, was unfailingly prompt, responsive, pleasant, and professional.  We recommend Jacobson Custom Homes, and we have already recommended Jacosbon Custom Homes to friends who are considering construction projects."

Tubac Golf Resort Addition

"Lorin's immense knowledge of all facets of the building process give her an advantage that works best for her customers. This allows her to look at projects, large and small, to find the most economical way to approach them, giving the highest quality.  Lorin's honesty, high expectations, following through with her word, completing jobs in a timely manner,  and making sure that you as the customer are completely satisfied, all add up to a stress free job completion with a final product of the highest standards."

Mike & Kent Bader

Aliso Springs
Tubac, AZ
Porch Remodel

Justin Winfield

Lone Mountain Turquoise Co.  

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Tammy Kastre-Moreno

Tubac, AZ

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Tubac, AZ

"Lorin and her amazing crew helped move us from the conceptual stage through the finished construction of our whole home remodel.  Ours was a complex project and her daily supervision and attention to detail resulted in a job that far exceeded our expectations."

Tubac Addition
Mike and Leslie Righetti

Green Valley, AZ

George and Barb Gessler 

Palo Parado
Tubac, AZ
House Remodel



Tubac, AZ

Carolyn Fowler

Tubac, AZ

Keith and Judy Brown

Tubac, AZ

"Delightful to work with! Intense attention to detail and execution while cost considerate! She and her team make a large project seamless and low stress... hiring her again for next house!"

Jason & Barbara Winfield

Tubac, AZ


Jason & Barbara Winfield


Gale Dahlstrom


Sharon Martin

Barrio De Tubac  
Porch Extension  

"Lorin is everything you want from a contractor. From her introduction to the project to the finish she was there for us every step of the way. She turned ideas into beautiful reality and whenever we needed her she was where most contractors aren't, on site.

The quality of Lorin's work is consistently top-notch. She used knowledgeable sub-contractors who were skilled in their respective trades. Everyone involved with the construction of our gallery was conscientious about following project specifications and the work completed rarely needed improvement or revision.

We are incredibly pleased and impressed with Lorin's work as General Contractor for our newly constructed gallery. We would assume that her residential projects are as equally high-quality. Without hesitation, we would hire her again and highly recommend her services."

"Lorin Jacobson of Jacobson Custom Homes is a dynamo. She helped plan, advised and monitored every phase of our building project. She was always responsive to questions and concerns and dealt quickly with issues that arose. In addition, she has a great relationship with her workers and County officials, scheduling and adjusting steps in the process as needed.  Her suggestions, based on years of experience, were always helpful."

Randy & Michelle Rognlin

Tubac Golf Resort  

Dean & Carol Capes

1124 Urbano Canoa Ridge
Green Valley
Remodel Client

Rancho de Falla
leroy doyle


Below are a few testimonials from our satisfied clients.

"I wanted to live in Tubac.  I found a lot.  I wanted to build a house.  I asked for names of builders in the Tubac area and everyone gave me the same name, Lorin Jacobson. I called Lorin and asked if she would look at a lot with me and tell me if it was a good building site.  She came immediately, looked over the property, walked it with me and said yes, good site, great views.  I asked if she would build my house and she said yes.  We made a contract and I gave her my design ideas.  She was receptive to all ideas, and with her great team of subs, built the house of my dreams.  She was always available to talk to, to meet on-site or in her office.  She would call me and tell me to come down and watch the framing go up, or the plumbing go in, or the stucco being applied, etc.  It was great to be such an intregral part of the building process.  It was especially great to work with a highly skilled and experienced general contractor, her office manager, Tina and all the subs that worked on the house.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the results."

“Our experience with Jacobson Custom Homes was stellar. The communication was outstanding and that is a vital piece during a renovation process- Work was completed in a timely manner- Lorin has been in the area for many years and works with excellent subcontractors- we are so pleased with ALL of the work. We absolutely recommend Jacobson Custom Homes - it was a pleasure from beginning to end and our project turned out better than we expected. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again!!"

George & Barb

Tubac, AZ

Lone Mountain Turquoise
Erich & Christine priester


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Mike and Christine Bates

Tubac Foothills
Kitchen Remodel

Keith & judy brown